Untitled (Interior)

by Rachel Whiteread, 2010

Patinated bronze.
Edition of 12. Engraved RW and numbered 1-12

The idea of publishing a cast by Whiteread in an edition came up during a visit to her studio to discuss a new print project in September of 2009. On this occasion, Booth-Clibborn chanced upon a particular object, within the curious landscape of objects in the artist’s studio, which struck him as exceptional. This was a bronze sculpture of a discarded throw-off from a wax-casting process. Whiteread had found the serpentine-shaped leavings of wax in a junk-shop in Bethnal Green, near where she lives. The object had immediately appealed to her and she asked Jerry Hughes at AB Fine Art Foundry to make a bronze cast of her find. This prototype was what had caught Booth-Clibborn’s attention when he visited her studio. On Booth-Clibborn’s suggestion Whiteread agreed to edition the work. The casting process used was lost-wax casting utilizing a ceramic shell. With Untitled (Interior), the relationship between material, object and process takes a topsy-turvy turn. The very technique from which the discarded waxy object originated was involved to transform it into a sculpture in its own right. The finish – Whiteread asked for it to be patinated in white – is subtly evocative of its waxy model. At the same time, by way of a peculiar powdery metamorphosis, it affects the sculpture’s physicality, removing it from its humble origins. Whiteread’s decision to cast the object she had found, solidified, quite literally, the unused remnants of wax into art. An object of no apparent value, was, by force of technique, rescued by the artist from oblivion. The release of the sculpture corresponded with Anish Kapoor’s exhibition at the Royal Academy, which included an installation of a new body of work, his cement pieces. Kapoor’s coiled heaps of concrete, coincidentally, bore an uncanny resemblance to Whiteread’s sculpture.

  • Untitled (Interior)23.5 cm (9 1/4 in) high
  • Untitled (Interior)23.5 cm (9 1/4 in) high