Animal Spirit (large)

by Grayson Perry, 2016

A single woodcut.
Edition of 21. Signed by the artist on the front and numbered on the reverse.

  • 194 x 242.5 cm (76 1/4 x 95 1/2 in)

''Animal Spirit' was a phrase that cropped up quite a lot during the commentaries after the financial crash of 2008. It seemed to be used as a way of offloading responsibility for the human chaos of the meltdown onto some mystical force, when in fact the men controlling the market are prone to irrational behaviour as anyone. Some of the symbolism within the image of Animal Spirit - the abandoned baby, the three black crowns and the hanging man - come from the names of the traditional patterns in Japanese candlestick graphs used by traders in the city.'

Grayson Perry